as soon as〜=〜し次第/〜するとすぐに 英語

as soon as〜=〜し次第/〜するとすぐに 英語例文集

  1. できるだけ早くメールくれますか?
    Can you email me as soon as you can?

  2. 出来るだけ早く私に電話くれるよう、彼に言っていただけますか。
    Could you tell him to call me as soon as possible?

  3. 仕事が終わり次第、電話します。
    I'll call you as all as soon as I finish the work.

  4. これが終わり次第、私の意見を送ります。
    I'll send you may feedback as soon as I finish this.

  5. 私どもはあなたから注文いただき次第、その商品を送ります。
    We'll send you the item as soon as we receive the order.

  6. 彼が来次第、会議を始めます。
    He will start the meeting as soon as he comes.

  7. 電源が入り次第、それを使うことができます。
    You can use it as soon as the power is switched on.

  8. それを見つけ次第お知らせします。
    I'll let you know as soon as I find it.

  9. 私が家に着くとすぐに雨が降り出した。
    As soon as I got home it started to rain.